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If You Want Things To Change…………..

Ok, we, or rather, I have decided that I am going with a high ticket business because it is easier, quicker and less expensive than trying to create my own from scratch. I won’t need the membership software, the landing pages, all the rest of the bumff that goes into creating and selling a product. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of time and money.

Now, as well as looking for a high ticket business to get into (and, ideally one offering 100% commission), it was also important for me to find a business that didn’t have just one product. I needed multiple products along with multiple price  out of every 100 people who decide to buy something I am offering, there will always be at least two who decide on the most expensive thing I can offer them.

I learned this very early in my parenting days, we call it the 20% rule. We, I, found out very soon when I put my hand up at a parents’ meeting that in virtually every organisation there are 20% who actually get things done. They are the people who turn up week after week and get the grass mown or the hall painted or staffing the market stalls. Don’t ask me why, it is just the way things turn out in volunteering.

When it comes to buying, I think it’s closer to 10%. Ten out of every hundred customers will want, and buy, the most expensive item you can offer them. They want to buy a product (and the service that goes with it) that will give them a higher quality of assistance and experience. Just like the guys who buy the private boxes at the game, whether it be football, basketball, soccer or baseball. Sure, some of them buy so they can be seen, but most do it because they want to get the best experience out of it and they can afford it!

It’s interesting, don’t you think? Now if you have a product range with price points from $49 through to $2900, who do you think will be the most valuable customers, the ten who buy the $2900 item or the 90 who buy the $49 product? Well, you can work it out for yourself.

The important part of all this is that you, or in this case, I need to have multiple products set at different (and higher) price points because there will be people who want, and in fact, demand, a better service, experience, opportunity than others. And if I am not supplying it, you can bet your sweet posterior that someone else is!

Another part of the whole selling, or buying, experience is an interesting one. The stats bear out the fact that it is much easier to sell an existing customer a new product than it is to acquire a new customer. You want your customers to be repeat customers! They will only buy from you again if the first purchase was worth what they paid for it, in other words, they trust you.

Seth Goodin said that in order for any one to live well they just need 1,000 True Fans, and that’s not that many when you think about it. A True Fan is described as being someone who will buy everything that you put on the market place regardless of price, availability, they even have a Google alert out with your name on it, just so that they don’t miss something.

Wouldn’t that be nice! And it’s achievable, just by acquiring one True Fan every day it would only take three years. Think of it, One Thousand people buying everything you put out! Very nice, unlikely for me, but very nice! Let’s face it, if I could find just ten good people a month, I would be made.

I have spoken with several people who, once they switched from ‘old-style’ marketing of $20, $30 and $50 products, struggling to make $2k a month; to the high ticket model which allows them to make commissions in the thousands of dollars per customer, their peace of mind and income went up exponentially. That sort of income can be leveraged!

If you want to scale up to a large business that will allow you to quit your job, or if you are like I was, living on a fixed income, this is the easy way to do it. If you want to struggle to make a living like 90% of the marketers out there, keep on doing what you are doing (you know what they say, ” If you want things to change, you have to change some things!”) no-one will stop you.

Having just one product and just one price point is not going to cut it and I know of no better business than this one. I will also be on hand to show the way, get you rolling and keep pushing you right to the top, so make the choice to change your life and get started. As before, you can contact me via Skype on christopher-hooker.